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Forest Life 2002-2007

Author: Similä Maarit, Räsänen Heikki, Vuorinen Tupu

Publisher: Metsähallitus , Vantaa , 2007

Layout: 24 pp.

Language: english

Other languages: suomi


The Forest Life project involved ecological restoration of forests and mires, management of White-backed Woodpecker forests and esker forests, and removal of unused logging roads. Measures were carried out on 33 Natura 2000 sites, all of which are conservation areas owned by the State of Finland. In addition, the Aarnikotka Forest, located on the Repovesi Natura 2000 site and owned by the UPM Kymmene Corporation, was included in the project. Information on restoration and LIFE Nature funding was disseminated to the public by means of various media and events.

Besides natural forests and mires, the Natura 2000 sites included in the project comprise areas that are former commercial forests. Restoration measures speeded up the recovery of the structure of natural boreal forests and of the hydrology of natural forest-covered mires in these areas. Restoration will help to maintain the diversity of organisms in the Natura 2000 areas also in the future.

Additional information:

Forest Life - Restoration of Boreal Forests and Forest-Covered Mires 2002-2007 LIFE Nature project Final Report.

Updated 16.2.2021

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