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Green Belt Life 2004-2008. Natural Forests and Mires in the Green Belt of Koillismaa and Kainuu. Final Report

Author: Kytö Hannele, Rautio Sanna-Kaisa

Publisher: Metsähallitus , Vantaa , 2008

Layout: 18 pp.

Language: english

Other languages: suomi


Th e Green Belt Life project, offi cially “Natural Forests and Mires in the Green Belt of Koillismaa and Kainuu”, was launched in 2004 and ended in 2008. The main objective of the project was to safeguard the favourable conservation status of thirteen Natura 2000 sites. The measures taken to achieve this objective included habitat restoration in drained mires and forests affected by forestry operations, and the reforestation of disused forest roads. In addition, artificial nests were built to strengthen the golden eagle population in Suomussalmi. An important part of the project was monitoring the impacts of habitat restoration and providing information on nature conservation. 

Updated 17.2.2021