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Metsähallitus Natural Heritage Services. Protecting Finland´s natural treasures. Annual Report 2013

Author: Rosqvist Päivi, Grahn Tiina (eds)

Publisher: Metsähallitus , Vantaa , 2014

Layout: 16 pp.

Language: english

Other languages: suomi, svenska

ISBN: 978-952-295-051-2 (printed), 978-952-295-052-9 (pdf)


The Natural Heritage Services unit of Metsähallitus is responsible for public services. It publishes an annual report of its own to present the most important accomplishments during the report year in the fields of nature conservation, recreational use of nature, protected area management and in hunting and fishing.

The annual report also contains information on the visitor numbers in national parks, national hiking areas, visitor centres and customer service points.

Updated 19.2.2021

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