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A Comparison of Timber Haulage in Great Britain and Finland

Author: Högnäs Tore

Publisher: Metsähallitus , Vantaa , 2001

Publisher serie: Metsähallituksen metsätalouden julkaisuja 39

Layout: 31

Language: english

ISSN-L: 1239-1670

ISBN: 952-446-282-6


The report contains a comparison of roundwood haulage in Great Britain and Finland.Differences in the scale and culture of forestry, the infrastructure, the structure of the supplychain, transportation sequences, transportation resources, contracts and pricing and technologyare analysed. Haulage costs in Britain seem to be almost double those in Finland. Most of thedifference can be explained by the higher fuel price and lower lorry gross vehicle weights inBritain.However, there are many opportunities for improvements in British roundwood haulage.Some recommendations are given, mainly based on experiences from Finland. The recom-mendationsinclude reduction of the tonnage flow, more efficient running of vehicles, anincrease in vehicle running times and increasing use of alternatives to road transportation.

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Out of print.

Updated 21.3.2016