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Salamajärvi National Park - Pahapuro Trail 7 km

Author: Metsähallitus

Publisher: Metsähallitus , Vantaa , 2019

Layout: 2 pp.

Language: english

Other languages: suomi


The Salamajärvi National Park includes the southernmost wilderness areas in Finland, where you might have the chance to see the emblem animal of the area, the wild forest reindeer. On the Pahapuro trail, you have the chance to relax and enjoy the peaceful and calm nature.

Esite on tuotettu #Keski-Suomen retkeilyreitit maailmankartalle -hankkeessa. Luonto löytyy läheltä - Keski-Suomesta.

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Salamajärvi National Park (nationalparks.fi)

Updated 8.7.2021

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Pahapuro Trail (1 MB, pdf)