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The endangered Saimaa ringed seal (Pusa hispida saimensis)

Author: Metsähallitus

Publisher: Metsähallitus , Vantaa , 2023

Layout: 4 pp.

Language: english

Other languages: suomi, русский


The Saimaa seal is one of the most endangered and rarest seals in the world. There are slightly over 400 Saimaa seals in the world, and they all live in Lake Saimaa. Due to land uplift after the Ice Age, the Saimaa seal became isolated from other ringed seal subspecies more than 9,000 years ago. The Saimaa ringed seal is Finland’s only endemic mammal. You may spot it anywhere in the Lake Saimaa area, but most likely in the Pihlajavesi and Haukivesi basins near Savonlinna. The Linnansaari and Kolovesi National Parks are located in its main distribution areas.

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Uhanalainen saimaannorppa -esite englanniksi.

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Our Saimaa Seal LIFE project (metsa.fi)

Updated 17.5.2023

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