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From Goals to Action! Guidelines for Semi-natural Grasslands until 2025 in Finland´s Protected Areas

Raatikainen Katja (ed.)
Metsähallitus , Vantaa , 2018

Ulkoasu: 68 s.

Kieli: englanti

Muut kieliversiot: suomi

ISBN: 978-952-295-229-5 (pdf)


Management of semi-natural grasslands and natural pastures is among the most vital actions for maintaining the biodiversity in Finnish nature. Strictly protected private and state-owned areas have a key role in preserving of the habitats and species, as well as the cultural and landscape values involved. This agenda specifies the outlines of the work for semi-natural grasslands done by Metsähallitus Parks and Wildlife until 2025. The aim is a clear improvement of the status of semi-natural grasslands by directing additional management actions to most valuable locations and improving the quality of management. This agenda also presents an overview of the activities by Metsähallitus Parks and Wildlife in maintaining semi-natural grasslands.

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