Author(s) Similä Maarit, Junninen Kaisa (toim.)
Published by Metsähallitus, Vantaa, 2012
Pages 50 s.
ISBN 978-952-446-962-3 (painettu), 978-952-446-963-0 (pdf)

Ecological management and restorationhave been widely practiced in forests in protected areas in Finland over the last 20 years. This guide is based on the wealth of information and experiences accumulated during that period. It gives an overview of the practical methods applied in the ecological management and restoration of forest habitats in Finland. Controlled burning and the creation of deadwood and small canopy gaps are the main means used in protected areas to restore natural structural features in forests that have previously been utilised commercially. Herb-rich forests, white-backed woodpecker habitats, nemoral broadleaved forests and sunlit habitats are ecologically managed in order to maintain habitats for rare and threatened species. In addition to providing practical guidelines for such actions, the guide also explains the ecological factors behind the restoration and management of forest habitats, aiming to enhance the effectiveness of future actions.

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