Tekijä Metsähallitus
Julkaisija Metsähallitus, Vantaa, 2022
Sivut 123 + 79 pp.
Vaihtoehtoinen kieli

Year 2021 was successful in many ways even if the coronavirus pandemic continued to create uncertainty and made anticipation more difficult. We speeded up the implementation of our strategy, Fostering our Future, and achieved the financial and operative goals set for us.

Metsähallitus Group’s turnover was EUR 367.4 million, and we made a profit of EUR 119.9 million. The good result was mainly due to a strong demand for timber and its high price. In parallel with the good financial result, business investments in fostering biodiversity and fulfilling our other societal obligations grew to EUR 79.7 million.

The financial result of Metsähallitus Property Development totalled EUR 21.2 million. Increased demand was seen in both site business and wind power project development. The popularity of domestic tourism was reflected in the demand for holiday house sites, and a record number of leisure sites was sold.

The increasing demand for renewable energy manifested itself as a higher number of preliminary studies related to plans for wind farms on state-owned land. Project development for the offshore wind farm to be built off Korsnäs is making headway, and we launched the search for a responsible project partner.

Outdoor activities, fishing and hunting continued to be highly popular. The number of visits to national parks exceeded four million for the first time, and around 8.5 million visits were made to outdoor destinations overall. Interest in fishing and hunting also continued at a record-breaking level.

We worked to promote biodiversity across a broad front. Under the Helmi habitat programme and with LIFE funding, we managed and restored protected areas across almost 13,000 hectares. Metsähallitus Forestry Ltd launched a demonstration project aimed at safeguarding occurrences of endangered species in multiple-use forests.

We promoted responsibility and Responsibility Programme systematically in all our operations. Our work also has significant impacts on society at large through value chains.

The GRI standard has been used as the frame of reference for the report, and it mainly meets the requirements of the GRI core option. With the exception of the financial statements data, the information of the responsibility report has not been verified by an external party.

The Financial Statements include Metsähallitus’ separate annual report and financial statements for Parks & Wildlife Finland.