Tekijä Metsähallitus
Julkaisija Metsähallitus, Vantaa, 2018
Sivut 8 pp.
Vaihtoehtoinen kieli

Metsähallitus Forestry Ltd is a subsidiary of Metsähallitus and it manages the stateowned forests available for commercial use. The company has an annual turnover of about EUR 300 million. The sales of wood accounts for almost 90 per cent of Metsähallitus’ turnover and the raw material is sold to forest and energy industry companies as well as sawmills. We are part of an important and growing export sector. More than EUR 100 million of the profit is transferred to the state each year and thus used for the benefit of Finnish society.

Biodiversity is a major consideration for us in timber harvesting. In the management and use of its forests, Metsähallitus is also guided by human needs. In our operations, we take into account the expectations of a broad range of different stakeholders.

Timber harvesting is not the only activity taking place in the forests – for this reason we talk about multiple-use forests. In our forests, citizens can also engage in a wide range of different recreational activities, such as mountain biking, snowmobiling, hunting and berry picking. In addition to serving as a basis for wood business, multiple-use forests also provide opportunities for reindeer husbandry, tourism and gathering of natural products.

Metsähallitus is an important player in the regional economy. We help to strengthen the vitality of regions as well as entrepreneurship and other economic activities in the sustainable use of natural resources.