Tekijä Metsähallitus
Julkaisija Metsähallitus, Vantaa, 2014
Sivut 2 pp.
Vaihtoehtoinen kieli

Västra Norrskär is the second largest island in the Norrskär archipelago. On the island there is a 21 meter high brick and stone lighthouse that was built in 1846. The lighthouse was automated in 1987 and it is now one of the most luminous lighthouses in Finland. There used to be a functioning pilot house on the island in the years 1922-1970. The island has a highly varied wildlife. It is mainly made up of brushwood fields that spread over different gravel, stone, and rock formations. Of trees there are only a few alder groves on the island’s shores. In the summer new born water birds and gulls swim around in the small ponds.