Författare Metsähallitus
Utgivare Metsähallitus, Vantaa, 2020
Sidantal 7 pp.
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This educator materials provides tools to plan a student-centred outdoor excursion into the forest. During the trip the participants learn about the forest and about hiking skills in ways that inspire them. Every learner has an active and participating role. The benefits of student-centred learning are motivation, enthusiasm, being heard, developing the learning process together with the learners and developing one’s own learning skills. This results in the learners feeling like the learning process is their own and they commit to take part in it. The material has been produced at the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia as part of the Erasmus+-project Nurturing Affinity to Nature through Outdoor Learning in Special Places (NANOL).

The material includes the following sections:

  1. How to plan a trip to the forest in a student-centred way?
  2. Student-centred assignments when exploring nature
  3. Easy and engaging conversation methods
  4. Instructor checklist for student-centred trip
  5. ABC’s of outdoor life
  6. Know your terms
  7. Further reading on the subject.