Författare Metsähallitus
Utgivare Metsähallitus, Vantaa, 2014
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Mikkelinsaaret is a grouping of about 300 forest-rich islands located in the northern part of Merenkurkku on the northeastern side of Raippaluoto. Some of the islands are state owned and others private wildlife protection sites. The islands’ terrain is very rocky. In the region one can visit ancient monuments, such as stone mazes (‘jatulintarha’), compass roses as well as fishing camp-and harbour relics, for example.

The ancient coastguard station of Mikkelinsaaret in Kummelskär presently functions as a wildlife center that offers services to Merenkurkku’s boaters as well as entrepreneur -travel guides and their groups. The entire Mikkelinsaaret belong to a World Heritage Site and numerous cruses are organized there in the summer.

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