Författare Metsähallitus
Utgivare Metsähallitus, Vantaa, 2014
Sidantal 1 p.
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Ängesholm’s Natura 2000 area is a highly diverse and valuable forest- and coastal area in which one can find boggy areas, rocky outcrops, sandy beaches as well as different types of forests. Between 1940 and 2000 the area functioned as an army depot and a coastal artillery fortress. Due to the area having been used by the army there is a road and path network, several demolished building bases, a harbour as well as cannon bases and bunkers. The only buildings left that are in good shape are the guard hut and its outbuildings. There is a nature trail, lean-to shelter, a campfire spot and a good natural beach for swimming in the area. There is also a 3,5 km long nature trail that leaves from the fortress and ends in the Sommarö Sund beach.