Författare Rosqvist Päivi, Grahn Tiina (eds)
Utgivare Metsähallitus, Vantaa, 2015
Sidantal 16 pp.
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ISBN 978-952-295-100-7 (printed), 978-952-295-101-4 (pdf)

Metsähallitus is a state-owned enterprise that provides services related to Finland´s natural resources. Parks & Wildlife Finland is a unit of Metsähallitus, providing public administration services which are largely financed from the national government budget.

Parks & Wildlife Finland

  • manages national parks, strict nature reserves, wilderness areas, national hiking areas and most of the state-owned public waters
  • protects and manages species, habitats and cultural heritage in state-owned areas
  • provides outdoor recreation services for hikers
  • sells permits for hunting, fishing and snowmobiling.

During 2014 we have expanded our activities at Parks & Wildlife Finland (formerly known as Metsähallitus Natural Heritage Services) and launched new initiatives to increase our social impact.

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