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Publication Author(s) Year Layout
Boreal Peatland LIFE Project - Working for the Finnish Peatlands - Layman´s Report » Similä Maarit, Mikkola Maija, Penttinen Jouni, Simonen Elina 2014 16 pp.
Bothnian Bay Attraction Book » Rapid River 2014 218 s.
Bothnian Bay National Park » Metsähallitus 2018 2 pp.
Bothnian Sea National Park » Metsähallitus 2019 2 pp.
Bottenhavet nationalpark » Metsähallitus 2019 2 s.
Bottenviken nationalpark » Metsähallitus 2018 2 s.
Bottenvikens attraktionsbok » Mediatoimisto Rapid River 2014 218 s.
Bredviken naturskyddområde » Metsähallitus 2012 2 s.
Breeding Areas of the Saimaa Ringed Seal in Linnansaari National Park » Metsähallitus 2017 1 p.
Bulju meahcceguovllu Natura 2000 -guovllu dikšun- ja geavahanplána » Meahciráđđehus 2021 70 s.
Challenge for Visitor Centres. Linking Local People, Visitors and Protected Area » Kyöstilä Maarit, Leivo Anneli, Loikkanen Teppo (eds) 2001 79 s.
Colour therapy - a glorious autumn journey - Explore the Southwest Coast and Archipelago of Finland - Kimitoön, Pargas, Salo, Teijo National Park and Archipelago National Park » Metsähallitus 2021 13 pp.
Conservation of Cypripedium calceolus and Saxifraga hirculus in Northern Finland. Final report » Vasama Arja 2005 16 pp.
Conservation, monitoring and management of threatened vascular plants and their habitats. Presentations from an Estonian and Finnish natur conservation seminar in Helsinki 17th - 18th April, 1996 » Kanerva Tiina, Kemppainen Eija (eds) 1997 105 s.
Cooperation between coastal protected areas and local societies - from experiences to recommendations » Grönholm Sam, Berghäll Jonna 2007 73 s.
Cultural Landscapes and Natural Attractions Touring Route, 9 Days » Metsähallitus 2020 3 s.
Darvvatvári meahcceguovllu dikšun- ja geavahanplána » Meahciráđđehus 2012 154 s.
Davvi-Sámi luondduriggodatplána. Áigodat 2012-2021 » Tolonen Jyrki, Korhonen Kirsi-Marja, Tilja Hannu, Keränen Matti, Siipola Matti, Heikkonen Annakaisa, Mikkonen Irja, Stolt Elina, Heikkuri Pertti, Tynys Saara, Tynys Tapio, Katajamaa Jarmo, Perttunen Pasi, Salmi Juha, Määttä Jyrki, Tuovinen Tarja 2014 233 s.
Development History of Patvinsuo Mire, Eastern Finland » Turunen Jukka, Räty Anu, Kuznetsov Oleg, Maksimov Anatoly, Shevelin Pavel, Grabovik Svetlana, Tolonen Kimmo, Pitkänen Aki, Turunen Carrie, Meriläinen Jouko, Jungner Högne 2002 72 s.
Die vom Aussterben bedrohte Saimaa-Ringelrobbe » Metsähallitus 2018 4 s.